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Drake is an extremely talented coach! He has an undeniable gift at assisting people through the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia teach. I loved my session with him. I felt at ease with him quickly.  After we identified the upset, I felt some resistance coming up to mirroring (step 2, pointing it back to me) but Drake was consistent and held beautiful space for me, and really honed it in on my upset so that I could get clear, heal it, and move even deeper. He truly is connected with the Divine in himself and helped me to remember God in myself as well. I felt so good after our session, felt fully supported. Drake makes it fun discovering what each outward upset is really about within you. Book a session Drake if you get a chance! He is truly a remarkable coach!

- Leesie M

Before my first coaching session with Drake I was really excited. But within the first seconds I relaxed and it started to feel very good. Drake has the gift to create a loving, trustful and relaxed atmosphere. It's easy to talk with him about upsets. He is always compassionate and reminds me that it's easy to work through it. A coaching session with Drake is warm, deep but also very funny. I'm incredibly happy and thankful to work with him as my coach! - Lotte L

Working with Drake is incredibly powerful. In my session with him I worked through some really challenging places and he held such a safe space for me. He very gently kept pushing me to keep going deeper in my healing, which is very loving. His energy is highly focused and lighthearted all at the same time. I have had a lot of success on my journey since coaching with Drake. I highly recommend coaching with Drake if you desire support and healing on your Twin Flame journey! - Blakeley C

Heading 1

In just one session with a spiritual Twin Flame coach like Drake, I experienced a profound transformation. His knowledge and understanding of twin flame dynamics and the mirror exercise, coupled with his compassionate approach, created a safe space for my self-exploration. The insights gained and practical tools provided ignited a renewed sense of self and empowered me to navigate my twin flame journey with confidence. I highly recommend Drake to anyone seeking rapid and impactful growth in their spiritual connection. -M.M


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