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Healing Codependency in Your Twin Flame Union

Understanding Codependency

At its core, codependency involves relying on someone outside of yourself for your source of love, support, and happiness. This external dependence can manifest in various relationships, be it with family members, partners, friends, or colleagues. In the context of Twin Flame unions, codependency is a common challenge faced by many couples.

The Mirror Exercise: A Path to Healing

To unravel the layers of codependency, the Mirror Exercise proves to be a potent tool. Developed by Twin Flame Guru's Jeff and Shaleia Divine, this exercise involves healing your inner misalignments with self love. The process begins by identifying areas within yourself that seek external validation or love.

Example of the Mirror Exercise in Action

Imagine feeling a strong sense of codependency, a need for attention and love. In this scenario, you might uncover an inner child within you seeking acknowledgment and care. Reflect on past experiences that may have contributed to this need, such as childhood moments where attention felt scarce. Now, you can heal this upset part of you with self-love. Visualize embracing your inner child, offering the love and attention they crave. This practice is not about seeking external validation; it's a journey within, recognizing that you and God are your Ultimate Source of love.

Redefining Self-Love and Its Role

The concept of loving oneself might sound familiar, but its depth and significance are often underestimated. Loving yourself extend beyond surface-level care; it involves nurturing every aspect of your life, from your finances to your emotional well-being.

Redefine self-love by questioning how you'd treat your Twin Flame. Transpose those actions onto yourself—cook yourself a delightful meal, indulge in activities you enjoy, and relish your own company. This shift in perspective is instrumental in breaking free from codependent patterns.

God as the Ultimate Source

Central to healing codependency is recognizing that God, the Divine, or the Universe is your Source of love. This acknowledgment reshapes your understanding of dependence, emphasizing that your connection with the Divine fills your cup.

Combine this realization with the Mirror Exercise, identifying and healing codependent aspects within. As you address each layer, you're essentially aligning with the truth that your Source of love is within you, not external.

The Journey to Wholeness

The process of healing codependency is not a race; it's a gradual journey of self-discovery and self-love. Codependency can manifest in various forms, such as seeking external validation, feeling incomplete without your Twin Flame, or expecting them to fulfill your needs.

By practicing the Mirror Exercise, redefining self-love, and embracing the Divine as your source, you are well on your way to healing your Union and having your Flame Harmonious Union.

Seeking Support on Your Journey

If you find yourself navigating the complexities of codependency within your Twin Flame union and desire guidance, consider reaching out for support. Book an introductory session with Me , a Certified Ascension Coach and I can help you heal through all of your blocks surrounding codependency!

Remember, the path to healing is a shared experience, and you need not traverse it alone. Embrace the journey, nurture self-love, and open yourself to the profound transformation that awaits on the road to wholeness within your Twin Flame union.

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