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Interpreting a Profound Dream with God

Hello, dear readers! Today, I wanted to share an intense dream I had recently, which was undoubtedly influenced by the thought-provoking Twin Flame Ascension School class I watched before bed. If you're curious, you can find the link to the class here: This dream resonated deeply with me and has prompted me to explore its meaning with the guidance of God. So, grab a snack and get ready for a captivating journey of interpretation!

The Dream: In my dream, the story unfolded as my sister and I found ourselves cleaning out our mother and stepfather's attic. To our surprise, we stumbled upon a peculiar book that initially appeared to be a nostalgic scrapbook filled with pictures of us throughout the years. However, as we delved deeper into its pages, we discovered malevolent writings, revealing that the creator harbored ill feelings towards us, as well as our cousins and loved ones.

When we confronted our mother and stepfather about the book, they became defensive and angry. In a desperate attempt to expose the truth, I questioned why the book contained pictures that only they would possess. Eventually, it became clear that they were the creators of this sinister book. Realizing the danger we were in, my sister and I made the decision to escape, triggering a series of events where we were pursued and attacked.

Amidst the chaos, I found myself defending my siblings with a certain object, miraculously fending off our pursuers. I managed to hit them pretty quickly! However, in their dying moments, our mother and stepfather made one last attempt to influence our choices, projecting sickness, hell, abuse, and death upon us. Unfortunately, a barrage of bullets struck my brother and sister, causing their demise. I managed to escape, witnessing this tragedy through my rearview mirror as I drove away. I began to turn around and when I got to them this lady who I didn’t know but my heart recognized was piling them into her car and helping and defending me in the process. She said she would follow me. Long story short we got out but my sister and brother didn’t survive. And while at the funeral my real dad was acting very strange. That’s when I woke up and the dream ended.

As I reflect upon the dream and seek God's interpretation, the following revelations have emerged:


  1. Unveiling True Feelings: The dream exposed the true feelings and resentment my mother and stepfather harbor towards me and my sister. It was intriguing to witness this revelation, especially as I've been actively working through past traumas associated with them. In reality, I have very strong boundaries set in place with them.

  2. Symbolic Loss: The deaths of my sister and brother, as well as my father's strange behavior, hinted at the possibility that they may make similar choices to my mother and stepfather at some point in their lives. This revelation encourages me to remain vigilant and mindful of the potential paths they may choose.

  3. A Mysterious Helper: Initially perplexed, I recalled the TFAS Class I had watched the night before, emphasizing that Twin Flames can appear differently in dreams. Seeking confirmation from God, I discovered that the unknown lady who came to my aid represented my Twin Flame. Her presence symbolized our mutual commitment to reject separation, offering solace in the knowledge that she would defend and support me unwaveringly.

Conclusion: This dream journey has provided me with valuable insights into my relationships, both past and present. By exploring its symbolism and seeking divine guidance, I've gained a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics at play. I encourage you to watch the class I mentioned and call forth your own dream interpretations, as dreams hold profound messages waiting to be unveiled.

Remember, dreams are like portals to our subconscious, offering glimpses into our deepest desires, fears, and emotions. Embrace them, explore them, and allow them to guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

May your dreamscapes be filled with wisdom and enlightenment!

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