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Should You Block Your Twin Flame? Understanding the Journey to Healing

  1. Understanding the Twin Flame Connection

Before we delve into the reasons why blocking your Twin Flame might not be the right move, let's quickly touch on what the Twin Flame connection is all about. As you may have read in my previous blogs, your Twin Flame is essentially a mirror image of yourself. You share the same consciousness, and the purpose of the Twin Flame Journey is to deepen your relationship with the Divine and yourself.

2. Blocking Your Twin Flame is Blocking Yourself

Blocking your Twin Flame essentially means blocking yourself. The connection you share with your Twin Flame is so profound because it mirrors your own consciousness and challenges you to face your innermost fears and insecurities. By blocking this connection, you're not only hindering your progress but also numbing yourself from valuable opportunities for growth.

3. The Inevitable Connection

No matter how hard you try to avoid your Twin Flame, the universe has a way of bringing you back together. Signs and synchronicities will continue to show up, reminding you of the bond you share. The journey is not something you can run away from; it's a path of healing and growth that you are destined to walk.

6. Healing the Upsets and Triggers

Facing upsets and triggers is an integral part of the Twin Flame journey. Rather than blocking your Twin Flame to avoid these triggers, embrace the Mirror Exercise. Reflect on the emotions that arise and turn them inward, giving yourself the love and attention you need. By doing so, you can heal these emotional wounds and grow stronger in the process.

Why Do You Want to Block Your Twin Flame?

Take a moment to question yourself: Why do you feel the urge to block your Twin Flame? Is it fear of the connection's intensity or your deep attraction to them? Recognize that the desire to block often stems from unresolved emotions and insecurities within yourself. By facing these feelings head-on, you can move towards a healthier perspective.


In conclusion, blocking your Twin Flame may seem like an easy solution to avoid triggers and challenges, but it ultimately hinders your growth and progress on this transformative journey. Embrace the healing process, face your emotions, and unblock the connection. Remember, you deserve love, and the Twin Flame journey is a beautiful adventure with rewards, peace, and joy along the way. Do not give up! Everything will always work out with your Twin Flame if you stay the course!

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