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The Power of Self-Love: How To Stop Your Divine Masculine From Running!

The Mirror Exercise: Unveiling Internal Running

How to heal your DM running is by first beginning with the Mirror Exercise. Ask yourself where you might be running within. Are you running from love, God, or a part of yourself? The layers are numerous, and the exercise helps to identify areas that need healing. This introspection is the first step in the profound journey of self-love.

Releasing Attachment to Your Twin Flame

The next crucial step is to release attachment to your Twin Flame. If your Twin is running, repeatedly uninterested, or avoiding a relationship, honor their choice. Placing your attachment outside of yourself is not conducive to a healthy Union. Instead, focus all your energy onto you and nurturing a relationship with yourself. Being attached to your Twin Flame will only repel them further. Different to the common narrative of chasing after your partner so they will love you, the true magnetism lies in focusing on yourself. Align with God, the Divine, and immerse yourself in self-love. The key is not to pursue your Twin Flame but to become a beacon of love, contentment, and completeness within yourself. Once you are content and full within yourself, you will find your Twin Flame is right there with you, ready to be with you. You don't need to make your Twin Flame love you; cause they already do so so much! Focus on loving you and everything about your life. Focus on healing your internal world first and this is the key to attracting your Twin Flame back into your life.

Aligning with God and Yourself

Recognize God as your ultimate source of love. Combine this realization with the Mirror Exercise to heal internal blocks. The act of loving yourself and aligning with the divine generates a magnetic energy that draws your Twin Flame closer.

A Shift in Perspective: Enjoying the Journey

The journey of self-love is not just about achieving external results. It's almost 100 percent a transformation that occurs within, regardless of external circumstances. Let go of attachment, focus on your relationship with yourself, and relish the journey.

Embracing the Journey with Gratitude

As you embark on the journey of self-love, do so with gratitude and openness. Enjoy the process of discovering how to be your own source of love and fulfillment. Release the need for external validation and witness the transformative power of loving yourself in attracting your Twin Flame. If you find the journey challenging and desire support, I'd love to help you out in healing all of your blocks. An introductory session with me will provide guidance and support with doing the Mirror Exercise and then we can go over your next steps there!

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