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The Purpose of Twin Flames

So, let me explain Twin Flames, their purpose and more to you! At the moment of your creation, you were created with somebody else! This person shares the same consciousness as you—your one consciousness split into two bodies. This person is called your Twin Flame! And because God created everybody with a twin, everyone has a Twin Flame.

The reason why Twin Flames exist is because God, the Divine Source, or whatever you want to call it, can't physically come down and love you. So, they sent somebody to love you, and their love flows through your Twin Flame to reach you. Basically, your Twin Flame is God loving you.

Let's go deeper into what Twin Flames really are. Twin Flames are basically meant to help you ascend faster. They are the fastest Ascension tool you could ever have. Some people do meditation, some people are monks, Buddhists, or whatever. But your Twin Flame is the fastest way.

They are sent to you to show you every single place in your consciousness that you are out of alignment with love, with Source, with God. That's why this connection is sometimes so intense, and the triggers are so strong. They are directly mirroring your consciousness trigger points within you—thoughts, beliefs, and things that are out of alignment.

So, you don't have to worry if your Twin Flame and the triggers that happen in the relationship sometimes seem like a big challenge, because it's meant to be a big thing it's meant to be "challenging" but not in the way you think. They are there to love you. Many times, people say, "Well, Twin Flames are meant to hurt you," or "Twin Flames are meant to come into your life and then leave." That's not what it is. Twin Flames are the person who is your Ultimate Lover. They are your best friend, your teacher, and your student. But ultimately, they are your Ultimate Lover. Nobody else can be your Twin Flame. You can only have one Twin Flame. It's extremely rare for you to have another Twin Flame. It's like one percent.

So, that's what Twin Flames are. When you come together, it's just massive love. Now, let's talk about life purpose. You're sent to Earth with this person to share love, to spread love in whichever way you are designed for. For example, you could be a speaker, a healer, a doctor, or whatever your special life purpose is.

You might hear a lot of people say that Life Purpose is very important on your Twin Flame journey, and that's correct. The whole reason you come together is for Life Purpose. There's not really anything else. That's why this relationship never gets boring, stagnant, or remains the same. You're always growing, working together, partnering, and most importantly, sharing God. You're sharing God's word, sharing what God sent you to the Earth to do.

With your Twin Flame, you have your other counterpart, your other you next to you, and they get to love you. You get to have an amazing, exquisite relationship—the best relationship you will ever have in your life.

Now, a lot of people say, "Aren't Twin Flames toxic? Why does my Twin Flame treat me this way? Why do they run and chase? What's going on?" Well, your Twin Flame is you. So, if your Twin Flame is treating you poorly, it's because you're treating yourself poorly. Your Twin Flame is just you in another body. Every single choice, every misalignment in your consciousness, your Twin Flame will show it and bring it up in your reality for healing.

Your Twin Flame is your spiritual partner in the healing work. One Twin Flame will do the inner work, and the other one will mirror. That's how they do the healing work together. So, don't get confused and think that your Twin Flame isn't healing or isn't doing anything. You and your Twin Flame are always healing as one.

For example, in my Union, I was the one who chose to do the inner work, and really sit down and heal. My Twin Flame mirrored everything that was out of alignment within us. She showed me the areas where I needed to look within myself and do the work. That was the most compassionate approach for our Union. If there was a belief that I wasn't worthy of love, she would mirror that to me. She might be with someone else, making me feel unworthy of love. The reason she does that is to say, "Hey, there's this misalignment within us, and this is what it's bringing up. I need you to heal this and love yourself here." When I love myself completely in that aspect, there's no need for her to seek validation elsewhere because I've already healed the belief of unworthiness. Now we can be together, and she doesn't have to engage in those behaviors anymore.

So, your Twin Flame is your greatest mirror and guide in your journey of self-alignment and love. At first, the intensity of this connection may seem overwhelming or scary. You might wonder why you would want this person in your life, fearing they will disrupt it. But they are not coming to mess up your life. They are coming to love you and invite real love into your life. When your Twin Flame comes, they will only help you align with things that truly serve you and are aligned with love. Anything out of alignment with love in your Union will naturally leave. You may be holding onto these things, such as certain family members or a job, but they will be shed as you align with your higher self. Your Twin Flame also helps you align with your higher self.

Now, some may ask, "What about soul mates versus Twin Flames?" Here I say, always choose your Twin Flame. You can say this special decree: "Right now, I choose to call in my True Twin Flame and my Twin Flame Harmonious Union." Just making that choice invites your Twin Flame closer into your life if you haven't already called them in! I hope you enjoyed this blog! Thanks for reading!

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