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The REAL reason your Twin Flame has blocked you!

Today, I want to talk about the real reason why your Twin Flame has ignored you or blocked you. Often, we think it's something that we've done wrong, but the truth is, we haven't but, it's all about putting the focus back onto ourselves. In this blog post, I will explain why this is so important and how to identify the patterns that are causing your Twin Flame to block or ignore you.

Ignoring Yourself: If your Twin Flame is ignoring you, it's because you're ignoring yourself. You may think that you're loving yourself, but are you finding the root of the problem? Are you ignoring it or avoiding it? Are you numbing out to the feelings the upset is bringing up? To identify the patterns that are causing this behavior, you can use the Mirror Exercise. This exercise is powerful, and I highly recommend watching the video I made about it. It's essential to connect with your feelings and allow yourself to feel them. If you're not feeling your feelings, your Twin Flame will mirror that back to you by ignoring you.

Focusing on Your Twin Flame: Another reason why your Twin Flame might be ignoring you is that you're focusing too much on them. If you're putting all your time, energy, and thoughts into your Twin Flame, it's very repulsive to them. If you have this energy, this neediness, this codependency, or obsession, it's essential to shift your focus to yourself. Give all the love and attention you want to give your Twin Flame to yourself. Focus on your passions, desires, and what makes you happy. If you're chasing your Twin Flame, it's not going to work. The only energy they know is love. So, when you're focused on loving yourself, and focused on having a relationship with God, that's when you attract your Twin Flame to you.

Blocking Yourself: Blocking is the same as ignoring, but a little different. If your Twin Flame blocked you, it's because there's a part of you that you're blocking. Are you giving yourself love, or are you not allowing yourself to receive love from others? If you're blocking yourself from receiving love, your Twin Flame will mirror that back to you by blocking you. There is always cycles and patterns that come up in your Union to be healed time and time again. One of the patterns that can show up is you always step over the boundary they have placed with you, so therefore they will continue to show up here and discipline you until you respect their boundaries. Your Twin Flame will always show you exactly where you need to love yourself next. They are not your source.

Conclusion: In conclusion, if your Twin Flame is ignoring you or blocking you, it's because you're not focusing on yourself. Use the Mirror Exercise diligently to identify the places within you that are choosing and misalignments and work on healing them. Remember, your Twin Flame is your mirror, and they will reflect back to you whatever you feel within your consciousness. So, if you want to have Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, focus on loving yourself, and your relationship with God and the rest will fall into place. Be persistent in your inner work and loving you, do this and you cannot fail! Don't worry, you won't stay blocked or ignored by your Twin Flame forever. Patterns will change and evolve just like your relationship! All you need to do first is make the choice to heal and recognize your behaviors. Awareness is key to a healthy relationship with yourself.

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