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Twin Flame Divine Masculine Insights from the Romance Angels Deck

Today, we dive into the Twin Flame journey with a fresh perspective, guided by the wisdom of the Romance Angels deck. We will be reading the current energies of the week with one of my favorite deck of cards!

Heart-to-Heart Conversations

The first card drawn is "Heart-to-Heart Conversations." It seems your Divine Masculine is eager to engage in more intimate and vulnerable discussions. If physical communication is challenging, fear not – embrace the power of heart-to-heart conversations within. Close your eyes, create a serene space, and connect with your Divine Masculine on a soul level. The energy is real, and it fosters a deep, genuine connection with them! This exercise actually helps bring you two closer together. Yes, your Divine Masculine can feel this love you are expressing within.

Past Life Relationship

The card "Past Life Relationship" indicates a significant history shared across multiple lifetimes. Recognizing this history is crucial, but it's equally important to release the baggage from the past. Misunderstandings and miscommunications happen, triggering intense moments. Letting go of grudges and forgiving each other lets more love and expansion into your Union!

Keep an Open Mind

"Keep an Open Mind" suggests releasing expectations about the form your relationship should take. Surrender to the natural flow of your connection, whether you're friends, in communication, or temporarily apart. By relinquishing control, you open the door to more love and acceptance. Remember, your Divine Masculine is on a journey of awareness, just like you – keep an open heart.

Forgiving and Learning

Both of you are in the process of releasing past hurts and learning valuable lessons. Extend compassion to yourself on this journey; it's a learning experience. Forgiveness is a powerful tool for healing. Embrace the growth, forgive, and allow the love between you two to flourish unconditionally without expectations!


The "Children" card encourages connecting with your inner child. Childhood traumas may be surfacing, requiring patience and self-love. Take the time to nurture and reassure your inner child. Your Divine Masculine is also seeking that playful and flirtatious energy, especially as Valentine's Day approaches. Embrace the joyful, childlike energy in your connection.


"Retreat" suggests there's no need to run away from love. Accept it, invite it in, and enjoy the connection. If fear arises, ask yourself why and offer self-reassurance. Real love is pure, unconditional, and cannot hurt you. Relax into the embrace of your Divine Masculine, allowing love to unfold naturally.


Release the need to hide your true self. Authenticity is magnetic in your connection. Your Divine Masculine is drawn to your true passion and self-expression. Trust that revealing your genuine self will strengthen your bond, free from deception or pretense.


The "Passion" card affirms the intense and romantic nature of your relationship. Whether it's in your life purpose or romantic connection, nurture this passion. Water the plant of passion with care, allowing it to flourish and contribute to the growth of your connection.

Love Yourself First

A crucial reminder: "Love Yourself First." This is the foundation of your Union. Shift the focus onto yourself, and your Divine Masculine will naturally be drawn towards you. Your internal love radiates a magnetic energy that attracts your twin flame.

Give Your Relationship a Chance

Build a relationship with yourself, Source, and Spirit. Allow this primary relationship to flourish. As it does, observe the positive changes in your life. This foundational connection paves the way for a harmonious reunion with your Divine Masculine.

Healing Codependency

Recognize that there is no external source of love; it all comes from within. Both of you are undergoing a profound shift in understanding this truth. Embrace the healing journey, and as you do, codependency dissolves, leaving room for a more authentic connection.

Free Yourself

Release thoughts of separation. Free yourself from the notion that your Divine Masculine doesn't love you or that you are not in union. Such thoughts bind your progress. Embrace the truth of your connection, and liberation will follow.

Let Go of Control Issues

Finally, "Let Go of Control Issues." Surrender, trust, and watch life's magic unfold. Control serves no purpose on this journey. Embrace the unknown, and as you do, the universe will conspire to bring you and your Divine Masculine together.

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