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Understanding Twin Flame Connections: Do They Know?

Hello, and welcome back to my blog. In this blog we're going to be talking about a really popular topic that many people ask me about: "Does my Twin Flame know we are Twin Flames?" Well, I'm here to tell you the answer right now, and the answer is yes!

Now, you may ask, "But Drake, they don't say that they know. They don't use the term 'Twin Flame.' They don't have the knowledge like I do." Here's the thing about Twin Flames: you and your Twin Flame share the same consciousness. You are not separate from them in any way; you are connected always. So, if you are awakened and know about Twin Flames, your Twin Flame knows too. They might not know the name, but they know it in their heart. They know that the connection you share is real. They can feel it, they experience it, but in a different way than you do.

There are various ways to experience the Twin Flame connection. Your Twin Flame is also going through the process of learning about Twin Flames because they have a direct relationship with you. If you want your Twin Flame to meet you where you are in your 3D reality, here's what you can do. You have to be studying spiritually, doing the inner work, and loving yourself. By going deeper within yourself and aligning your own energy, your Twin Flame will naturally align with you.

It's important to be compassionate with your Twin Flame because they may have no idea what's going on. They might feel a strong pull towards you, love you, but also feel triggered or afraid. They are going through their own journey, and it's crucial to understand that they are just beginning to comprehend the connection. Remember, it's not about controlling your Twin Flame; it's about supporting their growth.

Sometimes it's appropriate to tell your Twin Flame about the concept, but the timing will feel natural, peaceful, and like the next step. It should never feel like you're trying to control or force things. Most of the time, however, you don't need to explicitly tell your Twin Flame about the connection. Instead, focus on building your connection and doing the inner work within yourself. Eventually, they will come to you and express curiosity or interest, showing that they are ready to explore the connection further.

In my own experience, I am associated with Twin Flames Universe, and my gurus, Jeff and Shaleia, have guided me on this journey. I introduced the Mirror Exercise to my Twin Flame, and we have done it together a few times. I did tell her that we were Twin Flames because it felt guided. However, her initial reaction was not what I expected. She didn't understand and thought it was a little crazy. At that moment, I realized it was okay if she was unsure or confused because it was an opportunity for me to heal my own doubts and beliefs about the connection.

Your Twin Flame's reaction, if similar, is merely pointing to something within yourself that needs healing. Reflect on whether you doubt the connection, believe in love, or believe it exists for you. Your Twin Flame is mirroring these aspects to you, giving you an opportunity to address and heal them. As you clear these inner blocks and become confident in your connection, your Twin Flame will naturally shift their viewpoint and align with you.

Remember, you don't need to worry about what your Twin Flame thinks if they believe in "Twin Flames". They already have their own journey and are working through it just as you are. Focus on validating yourself and your connection, choosing to believe and trust in the process. It's important to note that choosing your Twin Flame doesn't mean solely focusing your energy on them. Instead, it means choosing yourself, loving all aspects of yourself, and attracting your twin flame naturally. Allow the connection to unfold organically without trying to control or manipulate the outcome.

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